Rey Castuciano
Executive Fellow

Rey Castuciano

Rey Castuciano is head of a mentoring program called Table Wisdom. He is joining the UMSL Executive Leadership Consortium as an executive fellow working on a pilot project with the ELC director, Malaika Horne and Prof. Alice Layton, who teaches Introduction to Entrepreneurship in the College of Business Administration. 

Rey Castuciano founded Table Wisdom with a mission to help older and newer Americans thrive after spending most of his career in a Fortune 500 biotech company.

He launched it based on two of his experiences. Firstly, immigrating to Los Angeles with just $50 with his family in 1989, he faced cultural, economic & language challenges. Secondly, in 2014, spending six weeks in a nursing home while caregiving for his father who had a stroke, he observed that mature adults have much wisdom to share but often suffered from isolation.

Since its St. Louis pilot in 2015, it is now offered to mature adults in over 50 U.S.cities Mentees have come from countries such as South Korea, India, China, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Colombia and Mexico.

The program is a 2017 award recipient and National Finalist for The Encore Prize, won an award from the 2016 Washington University in St. Louis (WashU) Social Entrepreneurship Innovation Competition and a national partner for Generation to Generation. He was nominated for the 2017 National Mentoring Partnership's (MENTOR) Excellence in Mentoring Award and the 2016 Visionary Award Leading Age - Missouri. His work has been on national media such as Pulitzer Prize-winning Christian Science Monitor and Forbes, and was cited for innovation by the 2018 #1 Wall Street Journal Book on Aging Well, How to Live Forever, by Marc Freedman, one of the world’s top experts on the longevity revolution.

Rey earned a BS from UCLA and an MBA from University of Southern California. He received additional training on social entrepreneurship from WashU Skandalaris Center and the Brown School of Social Work. He continues to be a caregiver for his father and, in his spare time, enjoys sports, the arts, podcasts on culture, science and faith, and shares corny jokes with nursing home residents.