Welcome to the Executive Leadership Consortium. The Consortium was established in 2003.  Strong supporters guide our work including UMSL faculty, staff as well as business and organizational leaders.  This is coupled with an exceptionally committed group of executive fellows — thought leaders who volunteer their time to share cutting edge practical real world knowledge and applications.

The main purpose of ELC is to bring leaders to campus to interact with students. We believe students’ exposures to leaders further socializes and acculturates them.  Additionally, ongoing interactions between leaders and students will improve their competencies, sharpen their skills and enrich their experiences.

Leaders Preparing Leaders is ELC’s tagline to emphasize our student focus, ELC’s primary stakeholders. Yet, the important role of leaders is unquestionable. To wit, there is a cross-fertilization taking place that has created a unique esprit de corps.

The Consortium would not be successful without a whole host of supporters. It takes leadership and vision to launch such an innovative initiative. The forward thinking of so many will prepare students to compete at the highest levels of current and future leadership positions.

The 21st Century presages an increased need for competition, risk and creativity but most importantly, leadership. The experiences of UMSL students have uniquely situated them for opportunities and challenges ahead and we look forward to continuing with this exciting work.